NGSO @ Multiverse Expo

Sunday, 18 September 2022 | 4 PM | The Lincoln Courtyard at the Bethel Public Library



Nick Barra

Guest Conductors

Lexi Fonda
Mary Gaudioso

The Players

Mary Gaudioso

Concert Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Recorder

Rachael DeMaida

Concert Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Harp

Sara Rutkowski

Concert Flute, Alto Recorder

Sam Newsum

Oboe, Bassoon, Recorder

Stephen McAuliffe

Clarinet, Bass Recorder

Evan Murphy

Alto Saxophone

Josh Courtney

Tenor Saxophone, Slide Whistle

Mike Costantino

Electric Woodwind

Lexi Fonda


Ben Lane

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass

Mike Stark

Electric Guitar, Percussion

Paul Sadauskas


Mikey Gaudioso

Percussion/Kit, Flute

Nina Drozdenko

Piano, Violin

Ashley Courtney


Bobby Krushinsky


Liz Baldwin


Andy Muench

Upright Bass

The Games

It’s the Sims
Ilan Eshkeri

The Sims 4
Cargo Shorts

Kid Icarus Medley: Pit’s Adventure
Hirokazu Tanaka

Kid Icarus
A.C. Menes

Undertale Medley
Toby Fox

Andrés Soto

Terra’s Resolve
Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy VI
Chad Seiter, Alexander Ryan

Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Medley
Hirokazu Ando

Andrés Soto

Accumula Town
Shota Kageyama

Pokemon Black & White
Lexi Fonda

Symphony of Dreams Mvmt 2 – Chorale of Dreams
Minako Hamano

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Josh Courtney

Symphony of Dreams Mvmt 4 – The Wind Fish Awakens
Minako Hamano

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Josh Courtney

Super Mario Galaxy Medley
Kazumi Totaka

Super Mario Galaxy
Andrés Soto

Vector to the Heavens
Yoko Shimomura

Kingdom Hearts III: Re:Mind
ViolinGamer, Andal27, betulaphobe, kenshinsgirl

Your Affection
Shoji Meguro

8-bit Music Theory

Special Thanks

First and foremost, we’d like to thank each and every member of our orchestra that has endured the past few years. It has been a new world to navigate, and our temporary suspension of rehearsals and performances had stretched far longer than we would have liked. We appreciate and would like to thank each of you for dedication while we were unable to gather together.

Next, we’d like to thank our the public, our fans, our patrons, for their continued support of the arts and their pursuit of excellence.

We’d also like to thank the New Cannan Historical Society and the American Legion Post 12 for allowing us to generously use their space for rehearsals.

And finally, if you enjoyed our performance today, the greatest thing you could do is tell a friend!

Our Patreon Fans!

Grace Basilio Romero
Phil Marsh
Stephen McAuliffe
Rachael DeMaida
Michael Murphy
Jared Sloan
Daniel Newton
Julia Drozdenko
Lexi Fonda