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DLC #5 – Mii Channel/Wii Shop Channel Theme Medley

DLC stands for Digital Large Collaboration, an NGSO virtual project, where many members each contribute separately-recorded parts to a full-ensemble performance.

“Wii Would Like to Play” this 5th DLC for you! This piece is a medley of the music from two of our favorite Nintendo Wii system menus, the Mii Maker and the Wii Shop. These pieces were originally composed by Kazumi Totaka, and arranged for our group by Nick Barra, one of our conductors and pianists.

Inspired By Musical Excellence & Appreciation

The NGSO Mission

The NGSO believes that music should be challenging, yet fun. Where once symphony orchestras were relegated to concert halls, contemporary orchestras are finding alternate routes of musical expression! The NGSO presents video game music as orchestrated arrangements – this is not the blips and bloops of the 80’s (although sometimes we manage to work it in!)

  • Foster Musical Appreciation: Foster an appreciation for video game music as an important cultural art form

  • Promote Musical Excellence: Promote and propel local musicians to improve their skills

  • Encourage Meaningful Experience: Come together collectively and collaboratively engage in meaningful social interaction within the community

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