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Please park on the east side of the building (the driveway on the right when facing the building from the street).

For this rehearsal, our repertoire will be at least the three pieces we have done for DLCs: You Spoony Bard!, Accumula Town, and Smiles and Tears. All three pieces are available from the Music Portal on our web site, in case you do not have the sheet music already (and bring the Bach chorale warm-ups listed in the “current season,” too!).

The NGSO will require that everyone in attendance at this rehearsal wear a face mask at all times. For non-wind instrumentalists, this means a normal face mask that we’re all accustomed to wearing through the pandemic, but for wind instrumentalists, this means musician masks and bell covers, and potentially other implements. Here are some links to some sample products for wind instrumentalists:

If you have concerns about what to get, or affordability of these or other options, please reach out to the Music Committee via Discord or e-mail, and we will try to assist.

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